A new generation contact management solution center

We are a new generation contact management solution center. We provide consumer facing organizations with human, software and process solutions allowing them to deliver top level service all the while improving cost-efficiency.

After years of managing, developing and solving perennial customer support issues, Summit was founded based on the core observation that data, software, AI and e-learning innovations have reached a point where they now allow for the almost elusive goal of offering high quality service at realistically affordable costs.

Relentless innovation, relentless development, relentless satisfaction, relentless at the human level. Summit always goes forward. That’s how everyone wins.

We are the place to be to grow and enjoy growing. We believe in work and life balance. We believe in our people.

Knowledge and expertise offer results and never-ending satisfaction… to everyone. The more the better. We put our money where our mouth is. We hire well, we train well, we perform well.

Properly planned, deployed and tuned, 21st century service is fast moving from a necessary evil to a key argument in a company’s hard-fought Unique Selling Proposition. It provides credibility and retention. It adds certification to the brand promise regardless of an organization’s size.

Summit’s solutions provide visibility, measurement, control and where required hands-on management to propel organizations into measurably improved service levels.

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