What We Do
Client Success Management

Conducting user experience studies is a major part of our development process. This has allowed us to streamline the training process to be as efficient as possible while maintaining an expert level quality of service.

Customer Solutions Agents

Our agents are trained rigorously in all aspects of client success management. Combined with our use of deep learning and AI they have all the tools needed to help clients solve any issue regarding their purchases.

Operations Management

Using agile methodology we've made our development processes as efficient as possible, able to change gears at a moments notice, and ready to tackle any issue regarding our success management.

Training and E-Learning

Our instructional design team is second to none when it comes to producing clear and concise training manuals to help our agents learn everything they'll need to know to solve client issues as efficiently as possible.

Data Science

By leveraging the power of data science we've streamlined our contact management to be as efficient as possible while keeping the interests of the customer at the core of our mandate.

AI and Automation

Although not fully integrated yet our AI team is hard at work on our next goal, which is to make client management as easy as possible for customer solutions agents.